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Bathford with Kingsdown Twinning Association (B&KTA) exists to:

  • Promote and foster friendship, interactions and exchanges between the people of the Bathford and Kingsdown area and the village of Artannes, Indre-sur-Loire, France
  • Encourage visits by families and groups and by so doing to broaden the mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational, educational and other activities of the linked villages
  • Try to stimulate a positive international outlook within the community in the Bathford and Kingsdown area, including the Primary School, the Parish Council and other local organisations

To help achieve this we need to collect and use contact information from our supporters. B&KTA is a “Voluntary Association” rather than a company or charity, so our administration is minimal and our data protection requirements are relatively simple.

What data do we collect?

  • your name
  • your contact information – your address, telephone number and email address

How we collect information about you:

  • From telephone or email enquiries we may receive when you contact us and from the expression of interest forms at events

What we do with the information we gather:

We use your information to:

  • keep you informed about activities of the Twinning Association, usually as an electronic newsletter
  • send you announcements, plans, trip details etc. in connection with our exchange visits


  • The contact details collected are typically kept on a spreadsheet on domestic personal computers owned by committee members and subject to password protected access controls
  • The Secretary of the Twinning Association is the primary data holder. Members of the elected committee have access to contact details for the purpose of communicating with supporters of the Association.
  • In preparation for Twinning Association visits to and from France, contact details of those involved are shared with the committee of our parallel Association in Artannes-sur-Indre
  • Your contact details are not given or shared with anyone outside the Association other than as described above

Your Rights

Your contact details are kept as a simple list. We do not process them in any way.

At any time, you have the right to:

  • request access to, or a copy of, any contact details which we hold about you
  • change your contact details, if you consider that the information we are holding is inaccurate
  • ask us to delete your contact details, if you consider that we do not have the right to hold them or you are no longer interested in the activities of the Association

Any request for access to or a copy of your contact details should be in writing to the Secretary of B&KTA.

How long will we keep your information?

We will only keep the contact information you have given us for as long as you are interested in the Twinning Association. If at any point you wish to be removed from our mailing lists please contact the Secretary.

May 2018