Eker Bursary

The Eker Bursary

The Eker Bursary is a travel scholarship awarded by Bathford & Kingsdown Twinning Association. It was named in honour and fond memory of Chris Eker, one of the founding members of the twinning with Artannes. He sadly died much too young.

The value of the award is £200 and is to help young people from Bathford spend a short time in Artannes, getting to know it and carrying out a small project during their stay. To be eligible, a person must be 16-21 years old, be studying French and live in the Bathford & Kingsdown area.

In 2019 the bursary was awarded to two applicants, Molly Stone and Genevieve Lewis. They spent a week in Artannes at the beginning of July, making new friends, being introduced to the area, and looking at the differences in customs between Britain and France.
After their stay, the following photo and article (translated here) appeared in La Nouvelle République newspaper, in Artannes.

While Victor, our young man from Artannes, is perfecting his English by serving beers in a pub in Bathford, there are two young English girls who have come to perfect their learning of our beautiful French language, under the bright sun of the Touraine.

During their visit, Genevieve and Molly have cycled to the castle of Saché in tribute to Balzac, they have visited the castle of Candé which has links to the history of English royalty ( the famous marriage of the former king Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson) and they have explored Tours, alternating between the city’s history and going shopping during the sales. In all these activities, they were accompanied by Solène, their new friend in Artannes.

The English Twinning Committee in Bathford have asked them to put together a small report of their stay, looking at some aspects of France. For this they have chosen to list differences in daily life between the two countries, eg cooking, clothing, attitudes to health, customs of greeting with kissing, etc.

The girls have been really impressed by how active and varied the way of life is in Artannes. No doubt they will come back, after praising our village to our English twins!

Artannes Twinning Committee, Jacques L’Hôte (President)

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