AGM 2006

Bathford Twinning Association AGM – 06.11.06

Minutes for the 4th Annual General Meeting, held at the Bathford Rugby Club on Monday the 6th of November 2006, at 8.00pm.

Maureen Breeze (Chair), Keith & Julia Masdin, Hugh Baker, Henri Vermorgen, Annie Rose, Anne & Tony Woodcock, Colin Priston, Stan & Eileen Newcombe, Shirley Beazer, Monica Stockwell, Anne Brown, David Llewelyn, Jill & Richard Wallis, Maureen & Tony Evans, John & Helen Lees, Ann & Philip Harris, Peter & Alison Rideal, Chris Eker.
2 Apologies
Helen Baker, Pam Priston, Derek Brown, Beryl Llewelyn, Jeanette Kremer, David & Valerie Sweett, Richard Hathway.
3 Minutes of the last AGM
The Minutes of the 3rd AGM held on 5 December 2005 were received and approved as a true record.There were no matters arising.
4 Chair’s Report
Maureen welcomed all present and introduced the Officials & Committee Members. She said that once the business of the evening had been concluded, there would be short slide show of photographs taken at the final stage of the twinning in Artannes-sur-Indre.Maureen said that she was glad to see that many of those present had been part of the 42 strong party which had travelled to Artannes in May of this year for the final part of the Twinning Ceremony. The event had provided 4 days of wonderful hospitality and friendship. She was particularly glad that she and Nick had managed to make it in their 2CV which had become part of the proceedings!The formation of the Twinning Association had brought benefits to our lives in the village as most of us had found new friends in Bathford with whom we would not otherwise been in touch. Although we no longer needed to get together in fundraising, the committee was keeping contacts live by the use of social events. Thanks were due to Colin & Pam Priston for arranging another successful Safari Supper following the May visit.

We would now turn our energies to maintaining the Artannes contact in the future. As had been suggested in the last Newsletter, we were looking at a series of smaller special interest visits or weekends – such as gardens, rambling, cooking, music etc. It was expected that larger visits would take place but would be limited to one per year – this year here, next year in Artannes. Watch this space – we hope to get a lot happening!

In the meantime, the tea towels were selling well in the village shop and our activities were also being publicised via the website. The latter was being looked after very efficiently by Patrick Hathway.

Maureen thanked the Committee for their continued dedication and said they had been rewarding to work with.

Finally, she thanked Tony Woodcock, who had been Secretary from the formation of the group but had now decided to stand down. She hoped that the Association would be able to make use of him in other ways.

In reply, Tony said that he was proud to have been part of the formative years of the twinning activities. He had enjoyed his time as Secretary and found it reward enough to see the Twinning Sign at the entrance to the village. He would certainly continue to support the twinning activities in any way possible.

5 Treasurer’s Report and Accounts
Chris circulated copies of the audited accounts for 2005/06. The payment of EU grant was received in April 2006. This enabled the repayment of the remaining part of the loans made by Committee Members to ensure the solvency of the October activities. After settlement of the sum due to the Artannais for travelling expenses and various other smaller outgoings, we were left with a cash reserve of some £3,788.He reported that the French had now been paid their grant money from Brussels and we would shortly be receiving the contribution towards our travelling expenses in May. This would then be distributed between the 42 members of the visiting party – approximately £28 per person.We currently had a very sound financial position for the future. However thought needed to be given as to how best to use the money. A Commemorative Seat had already been donated to the village. A box was being made to contain & display the gift from Artannes of the symbolic keys to the village set on a cushion. A photograph montage was being prepared for display in the Parish Hall. Other options would be considered.

Chris concluded by thanking Derek Brown for once again auditing the accounts. Hugh Baker proposed and David Llewelyn seconded that the accounts be accepted. This was unanimously agreed.

6 Elections
Maureen handed over the Chair to the Vice Chairman for the election of the Chair.Chair: Tony Evans proposed and Tony Woodcock seconded that Maureen Breeze be nominated as Chair. There being no other nominations, Maureen was elected unanimously.
Vice Chair: Chris Eker proposed and David Llewellyn seconded that John Lees be nominated as Vice Chairman. There being no other nomination, John was elected unanimously.
Secretary: Tony Woodcock proposed and Julia Masdin seconded that Peter Rideal be nominated as Secretary. There being no other nominations, Peter was elected unanimously.
Treasurer: Anne Woodcock proposed and Maureen Breeze seconded that Chris Eker be nominated as Treasurer. There being no other nominations, Chris was elected unanimously.
Assistant Secretary: Tony Woodcock proposed and John Lees seconded that Colin Priston be nominated as Assistant Secretary There being no other nominations, Colin was elected unanimously.
Committee: There were 7 places to fill on the Committee. 5 current members were willing to stand again and had been nominated as follows:
Julia Masdin – Prop. Colin Priston Sec. John Lees
David Llewellyn – Prop. John Lees Sec. Tony Woodcock
Jeanette Kremer – Prop. Tony Woodcock Sec. John Lees
Tony Evans – Prop. Jeanette Kremer Sec. D. Llewelyn
Anne Woodcock – Prop. John Lees Sec. J KremerIn addition, two new members had agreed to their names being proposed for the Committee. They were:
Jenny Matthews – Prop. Colin Priston Sec. Anne Woodcock
Derek Brown – Prop. Tony Woodcock Sec. Chris Eker

There being only 7 nominations it was agreed that all nominees should be elected en bloc. They were subsequently elected unanimously on a show of hands.

7 Newsletter Editor
It was announced that Tony Woodcock had agreed to continue as Newsletter Editor and as such would be invited to be in attendance at Committee Meetings.Tony also explained that he hoped to make use of space in the expanded version of the Bathford Bulletin to publicise twinning activities etc. In this way, it would be possible to reach every household in the village rather than via our more limited mailing list. He pointed out that he would not lose sight of our much valued Kingsdown Members who did not receive the Bulletin. They were all available by email and he would inform them by that route.
8 Questions from the Floor
The formal business of the evening having been completed, Maureen invited questions from the floor. Any questions would be welcome but we would also be interested to hear any views from the members regarding the future activities with Artannes, involvement of young people, conduct of visits etc.Philip Harris said that he hoped that some of the reserve funds could be spent on encouraging a wider audience to have contact with Artannes. He thought that a sports activity would be good means of promoting such relations. It was unfortunate that attempts to raise interest within the primary school had not been successful. Negotiations should be re-opened and pressure put on the school to get involved, perhaps by pressing the Governors into action. It was noted that one of the new committee members was Clerk to the Governors and we would seek his advice.Maureen said that attempts to create a Youth Forum associated with the Twinning Association had started reasonably well but once Richard Lees (who had originally got it off the ground) had gone to university it had ebbed away. We also needed to reach out to teenagers and this we had not been able to do.
John Lees pointed out the difficulties which had been encountered and that attempts to get interest in St Mark’s School had come to nothing.

Keith Masdin also spoke in favour of pressing on with the involvement of young people. He suggested that the Association should set up, advertise and subsidise a visit to Artannes involving parents and children. Only if this failed to get a response should we give up action in this direction. Although dealing with groups of young people presented certain difficulties, his idea would be examined.

John Lees said that he would like to see a twice yearly exchange of news between Bathford & Artannes. This too would be looked at.

There being no further questions, the meeting closed with a presentation of photographs taken during the May visit.