The idea of twinning with a village in France first mooted by Maureen Breeze in 2001.

Artannes selected in mid 2001.

8 – 12 February 2002.  A party of nine visited Artannes.   Maureen and Nick Breeze, John Lees, Jan Hooker, Brian Tilley, Annabel Andrews, Anne and Tony Woodcock and Jeanette Kremer.

Public Meeting ‘A Twinning Partner for Bathford’ was held on 15 March 2002.

Public Meeting ‘Artannes our potential twin village’ was held 18 April 2002.

6 – 9 July 2002.  Fifteen Artannais hosted in various homes in Bathford, Warleigh and Kingsdown.

15 November 2002.  Maureen Breeze, John Lees, Wendy Allan and Ainslie Saunders attend the Annual Meeting of Artannes Twinning Association.

Table taken at Bathford School Annual Christmas Fair to explain purpose and activities of the Twinning Group.