Bathford Twinning Association AGM - 01.11.10

On this page, you can see the minutes for the 8th Annual General Meeting, held at the Royal British Legion on Monday the 1st of November 2010, at 7:30pm.

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1 Present
Arnie & Liz Whitfield, Henri Vermorgan, Derek & Anne Brown, Beryl & David Llewelyn, Sean Connolly, Julia & Phil Wright, Pam & Colin Priston, Julia Masdin, Alison & Peter Rideal, Kevin Marris, Jill & Richard Wallis, John Lees, Tony & Anne Woodcock, Jill Gigg, David Sweett, Peter McCowen, Gerry & Gill Miller, Hugh & Helen Baker, Ara & Nicky Krikorian, Eileen & Stan Newcombe, Eileen Syndercombe, Maureen Breeze [Chair].
2 Welcome
Maureen Breeze welcomed everyone to the 8th Annual General Meeting and explained that most of the business was a constitutional requirement.
3 Apologies
Jenny Matthews, Jeanette Kremer, Freddie Connolly, Helen Lees, Tony Evans, Chris Eker, Monica Stockwell, Judy Marris and Keith Masdin.
4 Minutes of the 7th AGM
Accepted as true and accurate.

No matters arising.

5 Chair's Report
The Chair's report was supported by a slide show of photos taken during the summer visit by the Artannais.

A review of the other initiatives undertaken by the Association was also presented including: the soiree at the Parish Hall with the Electric Lobsters, a laptop enabled presentation of the Association's activities was made at the Parish AGM, a leaflet describing the activities of the Association had been produced and delivered to the residents of Bathford and Kingsdown, and the visit by John Lees' French Class to Artannes for the Annual Euro Day Celebrations. The Chair noted that Bathford had a standing invitation from Artannes to participate in the Euro Day Celebrations which were held annually around the 9 May.

A major revision of the Association's website was being undertaken by Patrick Hathway and it was aimed to be completed by Xmas.

No young people or groups from Bathford or Kingsdown had taken up the Association's offer of a bursary to support a visit to Artannes to learn French or develop ties between the communities - attendees were urged to 'spread the word'.

Attendees were reminded that the Association's archive was maintained by Colin Priston and any contributions such as photos would be gratefully received.

The Chair thanked the Committee members for their dedication and efforts during the past year.

6 Treasurer's Report
Kevin Marris presented the Treasurer's report acknowledging that the work had been largely carried out by Chris Eker who was standing down. The accounts had been audited by Hugh Baker and he had agreed to audit future reports. The Association would continue to bank with the Alliance & Leicester for the time being. A query from the floor regarding the expenditure figure associated with the May visit to Artannes and the June visit from Artannes to Bathford was clarified.

Tony Woodcock proposed, and it was unanimously agreed, that Chris be sent a message recording our sincere thanks, appreciation and regard for all that he has done for the Association over the past years. Maureen undertook to arrange this action.

7 Election of Committee
The following Committee members had agreed to continue:

i. Maureen Breeze
ii. John Lees
iii. Peter Rideal
iv. Colin Priston
v. Kevin Marris
vi. Julia Masdin
vii. Tony Evans
viii. Jeanette Kremer
ix. David Llewelyn
x. Anne Woodcock
xi. Jenny Matthews
xii. Sean/Freddie Connolly

Tony Woodcock who had lately been co-opted onto the committee as Newsletter Editor now wished to return as a full member of the committee. No nominations had been received in advance of the meeting. Maureen invited nominations from the floor, saying that new blood would be more than welcome.

As there were no nominations, all the above named, including Tony Woodcock, were elected to the Committee en-bloc. Officers of the Committee would be elected at the first Committee Meeting following the AGM.

8 Proposed activities for 2011
Regarding the invitation to Artannes (mentioned above) to take part in the Europe Day celebrations in May, 2011, arrangements could be made for anyone wishing to go.

Bathford visit to Artannes either 4/5 or 11/12 Jul '10 - the current preferred date is the latter.

Cookery w/e in Artannes - Sep/Oct '11 dates to suit

Beer Appreciation w/e at Bathford - event to be progressed by the Committee

Safari Supper - 10 Jun '11 TBC

9 Questions from the Floor
A suggestion from the floor was made that a 'Beetle Drive' in French might be worth exploring.

A query from the floor wanted to know how visitors from Artannes were paired with those from Bathford/Kingsdown - the answer given was that historically many in the Association had established close links with individuals and families from Artannes; however, every effort was made to match people with similar interests and compatible language skills.

Peter McCowen informed that meeting that his wife had produced a travel journal that was circulated through the meeting. She has offered to run some workshops on producing travel journals and asked anyone interested to let him know.

Maureen Breeze informed the meeting that Artannes was twinned with Roccastrada, a large village near Sienna. A family in the village with a 9 year old daughter would be interested in hosting a family from Bathford with similarly aged children in order for their daughter to speak English. Should anyone be interested in following this up - please could they contact Maureen Breeze.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 2100 hrs followed by a glass of Touraine wine.

10 Election of Officers
The committee officers were elected separately this year, during a subsequent committee meeting - held on Saturday 6th November 2010. Below are the minutes of this election:

Maureen Breeze stated that she had now been in post of Chair for some time and felt it would be a good thing if someone were to takeover the post at the end of the coming year - but she would be happy to take on the roll for the year. There being no other volunteers for the post of Chair, Maureen Breeze was unanimously elected having been proposed by Peter Rideal and seconded by John Lees.

Tony Woodcock expressed a wish to relinquish his post in charge of Comms. and Promotions; Jenny Matthews agreed to undertake the roll.

The other posts were filled as follows and unanimously elected:

Office Nominee Proposer Seconder
Deputy Chair: John Lees Tony Woodcock Tony Evans
Secretary: Peter Rideal Anne Woodcock Tony Evans
Assistant Secretary: Colin Priston Julia Masdin Sean Conolly
Treasurer: Kevin Marris To continue in post
Comms & Promotions: Jenny Matthews Kevin Marris Tony Evans